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I am a Teacher of the Alexander Technique offering private lessons in Chiswick, West London, at my own practice.  I have also taught at LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) and continue to assist my colleague Penny O’Connor at Arts Ed with musical theatre students and at Associated Studios with Opera singers.

The Alexander Technique teaches us how to become aware of unhelpful neuromuscular habits - often learned over a lifetime - which can affect our co-ordination, balance, freedom of movement and poise.  The Technique can be learned by anyone as a way to reduce muscular effort, alleviate pain and improve posture and breathing, with all the psychological benefits which this entails.

On the following pages you can find out a little more about me, about the Alexander Technique and the founder of the Technique, Frederick Matthias (FM) Alexander.  As well as information for doctors, medical research and links to other sources of information.

So much has been written about the Alexander Technique, with so many misconceptions surrounding it that the best way is to explore it for yourself.   I encourage you to come along for a trial lesson.

…no verbal description can do justice to a technique which involves the changing of an individual’s sensory experiences… complete understanding of the system can come only with the practice
of it…

...Change involves carrying out  an activity against the  habit of life… F M ALEXANDER WELCOME HOW TO FIND ME

I am located in West London, close to Chiswick, Acton, Barnes, Hammersmith, Gunnersbury, Fulham and Kew, as well as being easily accessible from central London and close to the M4 and M3 for those travelling from  neighbouring counties of Surrey and Berkshire.       


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