About Me

After many years of chronic back pain and ricocheting between doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors, I turned to the Alexander Technique in hope. Discovering the Technique was not just a revelation, it has also been a salvation. In a short space of time, I found that my recently developed headaches disappeared and I experienced a profound change in the state of my well-being. Here was a technique which was not a short-lived, quick-fix solution to what was affecting me. Instead I found something which empowered me to change for the long term. The Alexander Technique allowed me to pause, take time to think and make different choices in my life.

Practising the Technique inspired me to begin training as an Alexander teacher a few years later. I completed my three year training in London at the Constructive Teaching Centre, the oldest school for the Alexander Technique in the world, in 2012. In 2015 I attended Ron Colyer’s Alexander Re-education centre for a post-graduate term. More recently I have completed the Developing Self Education Training course and I am certified to deliver the Alexander in Education course (allowing me to teach it in Primary school, Secondary school and Tertiary Level institutions). In the last year I have also refined my online teaching skills by following Penelope Easton’s Advanced online training course, which means I can deliver lessons online as well as in person.

Having established myself as an Alexander Technique teacher, I have benefited enormously by having my own private practice in West London, as well as teaching at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, ArtsEd School in Chiswick and the Associated Studios. Whilst my private clients are drawn from all walks of life and ages, at the music and drama schools I have worked with students for whom movement, poise, breathing and the use of voice are fundamental to their careers. It has allowed me to really understand the broad benefits of the Technique, whether you are an artist, a financier, carer or journalist.

That is the power of the Alexander Technique, it is truly for everyone.