“A friend suggested I try Alexander Technique to deal with chronic tension in my neck and shoulders – the result of having three children in three years – and gave me Nina’s contact details.

From the start Nina put me at my ease and helped me to understand how I could re-educate my whole neuromuscular system to reduce tension and promote better use of my self.

Her lessons go far beyond simply unlearning bad postural habits, and have actually created a space for my whole nervous system to recalibrate. As a busy mum of small children I hadn’t noticed how my nerves were jangling all the time, and how exhausting that was.

As a mum herself, Nina could relate, and through her calm and centred guidance I’ve been able to find the space to think before I respond, whether that be in responding to my children or responding to everyday situations like brushing my teeth or washing up.

I would recommend Nina to anyone who finds themselves habitually reacting to stress, fatigue, or chronic pain. She has helped me find a way out of habitual reactions which are not always useful, to a place where gentler alternative responses are possible.”


“I started seeing Nina after having an extremely stressful event in my life. The negative impact of the stress on me, was both mental and physical. Through teaching me the Alexander technique, Nina has significantly helped me to control the way I respond to stressful situations and how to return my body and mind to a balanced, calm and more grounded way of being. Nina is an outstanding teacher who has a wonderfully calm manner and has a natural gift to relate to her clients. She teaches both face to face sessions as well as remotely, both of which have had an equally positive impact. I cannot recommend Nina more highly.”


“After seven years spent bringing up small children my whole body felt wrecked. Carrying babies, pushing prams, lifting toddlers into car seats, and most of all having no time to prioritise any maintenance of my own body, made me feel and act like a headless chicken.  Within a few lessons Nina’s gently nurturing through the Alexander Technique enabled me to reconnect.  I learned to breathe again more fully.  Her sensitive hands have developed my own awareness of how and where I hold tension.  After a lesson I feel rejuvenated; I am grounded and whole, yet light and alive.  I feel present in the moment with a greater sensory appreciation, not only of my own body, but the world I inhabit.”


“Nina Omaar is an Alexander Teacher of exceptional skill and sensitivity. The breadth of her professional knowledge, combined with her intuitive sympathy, allows her to tailor lessons to the life situation of her pupils. Following a stroke in 2012, I began lessons with Nina. She worked with me, to develop my balance and movement. The work also helped to increase my confidence. Now that I feel completely recovered, I continue the lessons, because of the benefits I derive – not only during and after each lesson, but as I go about my daily life. Nina introduces her pupils to, and sustains them in, a better way of moving and being. She is an exemplary Alexander Teacher.”


“What I like best about the Alexander Technique is the fact that it’s so subtle that I don’t feel that I am making any effort at all! I just feel that I have a very pleasant visit with Nina once a week. But now I can get out of bed in the morning without hurting my back, my hip doesn’t hurt nearly so much, I walk in a different way which helps my arthritis and I sit in a different way which helps me in all sorts of ways. All this has been achieved without any real effort on my part and I wish I had done it years ago. On top of this I find Nina’s calming presence & belief in the Alexander Technique truly inspiring.”


“I have been really enjoying taking Alexander Technique lessons with Nina for over a year now. She is helping me to function both in my role as a musician and in my whole life with far greater freedom, ease, openness and even confidence. There is a remarkable gentleness and clarity to her approach that is enormously powerful. Her formidable knowledge and genuine passion for Alexander Technique are beautifully offset by a wonderfully calm and compassionate way of working. I am extremely grateful for the brilliant work she is doing with me.”


“I came to the Alexander Technique having tried many disciplines trying to address my very longstanding back/shoulder problems and also my posture. Within a very short space of time I saw a very noticeable difference to the way I moved and my posture. Becoming so much more aware of my body it’s movement and tensions. Following the strategies given to me to use between sessions has been invaluable too.Two years on since my first lesson I have a full range of movement and am pain free. Feel lighter and more mentally alert. I would recommend the Technique and Nina unreservedly.”


“Learning from Nina has been a revelation. She has helped me to understand and transform my body over the last 18 months and I feel much better. Each lesson is a joy, the relief from discomfort is wonderful and the new techniques learned are really useful. I cannot recommend Nina enough.”